In India there is an unique eco-sensitive zone on the Matheran Hills. There are massive aspirations to develop the Matheran Hill-station into a “hot” tourist spot in Maharashtra for the population in the nearby townships of Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Pune.

The following points are of paramount importance for the socio-economic well-being and development of Matheran:

  • The provision of an all-season stable, well drained and smooth access-road from Neral to the entry-point Dasturi,
  • a proper car-park at the entry-point,
  • a smooth dust-free and all-season stable well paved supply cart-road from Dasturi to Matheran Market,
  • and a dedicated horse-trail from Dasturi to Matheran.
  • Pedestrians and horses should be prohibited to use the rail-track as a trail.

Instead of the Diesel hauled 2 ft. narrow gauge Toy Tran shuttle service between the entry point at Dasturi and the centre of Matheran, the author suggest since years an electric operated and battery energy stored 2 ½ ft. narrow gauge light weight rail-car with a middle traction module on a dual-gauge 2 ft. / 2 ½ ft. gauntlet track between Matheran and Aman Lodge. On the down-gradient run the energy can be recuperated to charge the batteries. This state-to-the art technology is nowadays available from Stadler, Switzerland, for modern eco-friendly transport environment.

The envisaged “PEOPLE MOVER” with a capacity to carry per hour up-to 600 visitors by a two-stage ROPE-WAY from Bhutivali/Bhivpuri near Neral with a relay interchange or stop-over station on the lower Garbut-Rim Plateau and further with the Commanding-Valley Crossing to Madhavji Point, and as well the envisaged entertainment facilities, will bring additional load onto the already over strained ecological sensitive zone.

To read more, download: MATHERAN TRAFFIC SCHEMES PDF2

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