Dr. rer. nat. Frank August Wingler, born 1937, studied Chemistry and Physic at The Technical University Karlsruhe and The University of Heidelberg in Germany. He worked as a Lecturer at the University of Marburg. In 1967 he joined the Chemical Industry on the fields of Polymer Research, Chemical Engineering, Modelling and Designing of Manufacturing Processes for Styrenic & Acrylic Polymers and Polymer-Alloys. He specialised on Risk Recognition, Safe Operation and Safety Technology. After retirement he specialised on Fundamentals of Rail Road Engineering and Technology, Rail-Wheel Interactions, Track Systems and Economics of Track Strategies. He is frequent in India for the study of Track Structures and Track Renewals. He works for renowned Indian Consultants on the field of modern Track Technologies. He consulted Sri Lanka Micro Cars in designing and modelling of advisable crash-worthy Light Weight Rail Cars for the LANKA ECONO RAIL Project, based on conventional Heavy Road-Vehicle Technology. He elaborates regularly Technical Railway Papers for Track Engineers in Sri Lanka and India. For SL Train-Drivers he gave several seminars on RISK and HUMAN ERROR MANAGEMENT and on how to avoid unwanted, unsafe and hazardous events.


Following video shows a prototype of LANKA ECONORAIL (The train running in the out track) displayed at an exhibition held in Sri Lanka.