HIGH-SPEED- RAIL, from the “Rocket” to the “Bullet” The Speed Race on Rails from 1829 to 2007

The speed race with wheels on rails started October 1829 with 42 kmph at a competition at Rainhill near Liverpool with the Steam Locomotive “Rocket” build by Robert Stephenson. 1890 a Steam-Locomotive reached between Paris and Larode in France 132 kmph. On 02 nd July 1907 the that time world record for Steam Locomotives had […]

From Steam to Diesel Traction

February 1804 a Steam powered Locomotive build by Richard Trevithick pulled 5 wagons over 9 miles at Tydfil in South Wales, England. 1825 had been the year of birth for Steam Traction of a train with passengers, when a mixed train consisting of 6 coal-wagons and  one wagon prepared for passengers opened the first public […]


This Technical Paper had been elaborated for a Seminar and a Railway Technology Exhibition with Students of the Richmond Hill College, Galle, Sri Lanka, October 2014. The paper covers the following topics of Rail Track Engineering: Gauge; Super elevation or Cant; Unfavorable Curve Geometry; Measuring the Tightness of Curves by the Versine- Method in Radius […]


Rail and Wheel meet at an inelastic Interface. Vibrations and dynamic Impulses have to be damped by both the Rail-Track Constituents as well by the Suspension Components of the Rolling Stocks. The interactive system has to be treated in it entity rather than by its individual components. This technical feature paper had been prepared for […]

Modeling in 1:87 Scale of Railway Rolling Stocks for a Model Railway Exhibition held 2010 at the Ceylon-German Technical Training Institute, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

February 2010 the Ceylon-German Technical Training Institute at Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Dr. F. Wingler had been invited to exhibit his Model Railway Layout with Spanish Talgo-Trains for Higher-Speed, European High-Speed Trains, US Steam- and Diesel Locomotives, US Freight Trains, Models of Sri Lankan Rolling Stocks with the Legend M1, M2 No. […]

RISK & HUMAN ERROR MANAGEMENT – The Nature of Latent unsafe Conditions and the Nature of Human Error A Guide to the Ultimate Goal to prevent Railway Accidents

Around the Globe technical Organisations with a high Risk Potential in Space Technology, Aviation, Nuclear Power Generation, Oil Exploration, Land and Maritime Transportation, Railways or Chemical Production have made in recent years remarkable improvements in their Safety Records by using the Doctrines and Methodologies developed by James Reason, UK. The following treatises had been elaborated […]