The envisaged “WORLD CLASS” Rail-Service in India needs modern sound and healthy, high quality Rail-Tracks of “WORLD-CLASS STANDARDS”.

The spate of train derailments in India is an index for the actual poor track-condition and quality of the network and an index of how un-healthy many tracks are.

Modern Monitoring Technologies help to make predictions on the Longevity of Rail Tracks, to determine the Threshold for Intervention and to evolve a Network-Status Report on the Health of all Rail-Routes as a tool for long-term Investment Planning and Strategy and as a basis for the leadership in making decisions. A Network Status Report encompassing all routes will help the leadership to understand what ails Indian Railways, what the residues to deal with are and what the backlogs to be caught up are.

Modern Monitoring Technology helps to visualize the track to understand, when and where Maintenance and Renewal are required.

Modern Monitoring Technology helps to gather Track Quality Indexes for Predictive Maintenance.

RAIL track laser 3D video measurement and mapping system mounted on scheduled running passenger trains gather regularly GPS-positioned accurate, up-to-date rail-track, infrastructure and analysis data, without disrupting the service.

Drone surveying and post data processing techniques help to capture location data for planning and intervention.

Sensors making use of Newton`s Law Mechanism, installed on board of scheduled running trains, have become a tool for Monitoring Track-Conditions to develop Strategies and Plans for Predictive Maintenance- and Renewal-Intervention.

The modern leveraging Rail-Network Condition Monitoring Technologies produce “Big Data”. Big Data is the new oil. But just like crude oil it is valuable, and unrefined it cannot be really use”. “Big Data Crunching” should not be a constraint in the “High IT Country” India in converting the gathered large volume of data efficiently in information for rail-track engineering as well for track and infrastructure maintenance/renewal strategies, planning and organization. Accurate up-to-date information help to make informed decisions related to investments and operations. Data services help to deliver improved efficiencies in asset management and engineering. They bring the railway onto the engineer`s desktop enabling to analyse and extract leveraging and actionable information quickly and efficiently.

 The ANNEXURE covers comments on the papers presented on the last IPWE International Technical Seminar held February 2018 at Guwahati, India.

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