“PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE STRATEGIES AND LIFE CYCLE COST MANAGEMENT” had been the topics of the 20th International Convention: OPTIMIZING THE WHEEL/RAIL-SYSTEM – TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS FOR SAFETY, COST-EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY – , held at Salzburg, Austria from 15-17th September 2015 by the Österreichische Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, ÖVG. The author together with Mr. J.S. Mundrey, Consultant in Track Technology and formerly Advisor Civil Engineering, Railway Board, had the privilege, sponsored by Plasser&Theurer, to participate at this top level Track Technology Convention.

The lessons learned, prompted the author to elaborate a Preface to Chapter 11, Track Maintenance, of the drafts of J.S. Mundrey for the forthcoming 5th  edition of his handbook RAILWAY TRACK ENGINEERING – see page 360ff of the private edition INDIAN RAILWAY TRACKS – a TRACK ENGINEERING COMPENDIUM, free for download from this website under the rubric PUBLICATIONS. Excerpts one can find on the download below.

Mr. J. S. Mundrey of Rail Consult India processed the topics and the messages of the ÖVG Convention in his technical Paper “REACTIVE TO PROACTIVE APPROACH TO TRACK MAINTENANCE ON INDIAN RAILWAYS”, presented in Session I of the IPWE International Technical Seminar held on 12th & 13th January 2017 at Mumbai, as can be found on the download below.

Nasty Derailment Disasters with killed and injured train-passengers are frequent on Indian Railway`s network. Since 2014 the fatal Derailment- Disasters and the number of killed and injured train-passengers are on increase; see the technical papers “HOW MUCH SAFETY ON INDIAN RAILWAYS”, Part I and II,  and INDIAN RAILWAYS ON A RISKY COURSE”, free for download from this website.

On HIGH QUALITY RAIL TRACKS of European Railways there are no fatal Derailment Disasters with killed or injured train-passengers. What are a HIGH QUALITY RAIL TRACKS had been defined by Prof. P. Veith and Dr. B. Lichtberger, Austria, amongst others; see Technical Papers of this website.

PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE STRATEGIES in optimizing rail-roads are nowadays a tool of Modern Railways to achieve long-term High Track Quality, Safety, Reliability and Cost-Efficiency. To achieve High Quality HEAVY-DUTY ON-TRACK MACHINERIES and modern TRACK RECORDING CARS, EQUIPMENTS and DEVICES are needed.


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