In the period between 1954 and 1966 the Canadian Government gifted to Sri Lanka under the “COLOMBO PLAN AID — FROM CANADA” 14 sturdy A1A’-A1A’ and B0’-B0’ Diesel- electric Locomotives based on the General Motors EMD Multi-Purpose GP8, GP9 and G12 Locomotives and build in the Canadian and USA General Motors, Electric Motive Division workshops. The Government Ceylon Railways classified them as “M2”.

The Class M2 Locomotives are regarded as the most successful Diesel Locos on SLR. Over miles one can make out the M2`s by their distinguished far reaching typhoon sound of the horn. The M2 Locomotives are also called “THE CANADIAN WARRIORS”.

The basic points of the long-lasting and sturdy 79 tons heavy Class M2 Locomotives with 1425 hps two-stroke GM-EMD Diesel Engines are defined by General Motors USA on the G8/9/12/18 platform (over 4000 items build between 1954 and 1970) in order to produce a versatile, simple, economic, multi-gauge (Meter-, Standard and Broad-Gauge) and multi-purpose locomotive for the world marked, for branch and as well for main-line services.

With the GM-EMD M2-type Locomotives worldwide the death-bells of Steam Locomotives  had been ringing. The locomotives had been released in a modified body with a reduced engine-output to increase longevity and durability. They have been delivered all over the world with A1A’-A1A’, B0’-B0’ as well C0’-C0’ axle arrangements. In many countries  around the globe those Locomotives are still running after over 50 years.

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The Class M2 Diesel-electric Locomotives in Sri Lanka