Modeling in 1:87 Scale of Railway Rolling Stocks for a Model Railway Exhibition held 2010 at the Ceylon-German Technical Training Institute, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

February 2010 the Ceylon-German Technical Training Institute at Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Dr. F. Wingler had been invited to exhibit his Model Railway Layout with Spanish Talgo-Trains for Higher-Speed, European High-Speed Trains, US Steam- and Diesel Locomotives, US Freight Trains, Models of Sri Lankan Rolling Stocks with the Legend M1, M2 No. 626, 627 and 591 – caught at 26th December 2014 by the Tsunami – , M4, M5, M8, M9, the Steam Locomotives 340 and 251 “Sir Thomas Maitland”, newest developments of German Diesel-hydraulic and Diesel-electric Locomotives and with models of advisable Locomotives for Sri Lanka, especially for the Upcountry-Service with its Gradients on tight Curvatures. The Brochure and the Picture Gallery, which can be downloaded, inform about the history and the technical features of the exhibited rolling stocks.
2010 Model Railway Exhibition

Modelling of Railway Rolling Stocks
Picture Gallery of Modelling Railway Rolling Stocks