Normal Speed, Higher-Speed, Semi-High Speed and High-Speed in India

The question is if it will be prudent to invest capital in new dedicated HIGH-SPEED LINES for 200-300 kmph, which have to be built in Standard 1.435 m Gauge and not in Indian Broad Gauge, since worldwide no specific High Speed Train Technology had yet been developed for the Indian or Iberian Broad Gauge,

this is why Japan had to go for the new dedicated High-Speed Lines from Meter Gauge to Standard Gauge, and Spain had to go from their Iberian 1.677 m Broad Gauge to dedicated Standard Gauge High Speed tracks

or if it will be more advisable to use the conventional infrastructure by investing in special prepared conventional ballasted up speed-ed Broad Gauge Tracks for “SEMI-HIGH SPEED” up to max. 200 kmph, parallel to existing alignments, which could also be used by 110 kmph conventional coach trains.

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